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Good Night Medical is proud to be nationally known for its strength and knowledge in the area of sleep medicine and home ventilation. It is also known for the substantial expertise represented in its personnel. We make a significant effort to involve the patients and their families directly in their own care. We offer CPAP machines and masks to help slay the Dragon of Sleep Apnea along with Home Ventilation and Oxygen equipment. We are dedicated to saving patients on their healthcare costs. Let us help you in your quest to conquer Sleep Apnea.

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of Americans have a sleep disorder symptom a few nights per week or more.

Severe Sleep Apnea raises the risk of early death by


is the increased risk of having a stroke in untreated Sleep Apnea Patients.

Loud snorers are at greater risk of suffering from high blood preasure than non-snorers by


of people with a BMI greater than 35 have obstructive sleep apnea.


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